What is Hyundai BlueLink®?

Hyundai BlueLink® Myths and Misconceptions

Contrary to some misconceptions, Hyundai Canada's proprietary Hyundai BlueLink® technology isn't called Hyundai Blue Line. In fact, Hyundai never offered a proprietary technology called Hyundai Blue Line.

Rather, Hyundai BlueLink® has always been called BlueLink® since its inception in 2012. Back then, Hyundai BlueLink® was offered in classic Hyundai models like the Hyundai Elantra and the Hyundai Sonata. Now, with the growing reach of the Hyundai mark, BlueLink® is offered on almost every model in the Hyundai Canada lineup.

Hyundai BlueLink® Services

Hyundai BlueLink® uses an advanced telematics system, so Cold Lake drivers can install BlueLink® app directly on their smartphones. Plus, it's free for five years! What does Hyundai BlueLink® include? Check it out!

  • Remote Start - With Hyundai BlueLink® connected to your vehicle, you can set your engine timer, use climate control, and even turn on your vehicle's heated steering wheel - a must in gelid Canadian winters. Like customization? Not a problem! BlueLink® lets you save three favourite settings to make remote start a breeze. BlueLink® will even inform you if your car is low on gas.
  • Vehicle Locator - Having trouble finding your Hyundai in a crowded Cold Lake or Red Deer parking lot? Or has your vehicle been stolen? No need to worry: BlueLink® will help you locate your Hyundai.
  • Emergency Assistance - Hyundai BlueLink® helps ensure that you're never stranded through services like SOS Emergency, Roadside Assistance, and Automatic Collision Notification.
  • Local Recommendations - With Google-equipped local search, you can simply push a button, say a category, and boom! BlueLink® will offer you top-notch recommendations.
  • Reminders & Diagnostics - Keep track of your vehicle's health and stay up to date on Hyundai maintenance with features like Hyundai Connected Care, complete with vehicle diagnostics, maintenance reminders repair needs,
  • Dealer Locator - If you need Hyundai service, the dealer locator service on Hyundai BlueLink® will show you the nearest dealership and give you their contact information and hours of operation.
  • Compatibility - Hyundai BlueLink® is compatible with all major smartphone software, including Apple, Android, and BlackBerry. Plus, BlueLink® is compatible with most smart watches!

Hyundai Models with BlueLink®

Hyundai BlueLink® is offered throughout the Hyundai lineup, including these popular models:

2018 Hyundai Models

  • 2018 Elantra GT
    • Sport DCT Ultimate
  • 2018 Sonata
    • GLS
    • GLS Safety
    • Limited
    • 2.0T Sport
  • 2018 Tuscon
    • 2.0L Luxury
    • 1.6T Ultimate
  • 2018 Kona
    • 1.6T Ultimate

2019 Hyundai Models

  • 2019 Veloster
    • Turbo Tech
  • 2019 Santa Fe
    • Preferred
    • Luxury
    • Ultimate
  • 2019 Elantra
    • Luxury
    • Ultimate
  • 2019 Sonata
    • Preferred
    • Luxury
    • 2.0 T Ultimate
  • 2019 Tucson
    • Ultimate All Wheel Drive
    • Luxury All Wheel Drive
    • Preferred All Wheel Drive with Trend Package
  • 2019 Kona
    • 1.6T Ultimate All Wheel Drive
  • 2019 Santa Fe XL2
    • Ultimate with 6 seats
    • Ultimate
  • 2019 Veloster N
    • Veloster N Manual

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